Virtual Open House

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to host an in person open house to meet all of the wonderful prospective families.  As a result, we have created this page with key information we would have shared during the actual open house to help you learn more about our centre.  Should you have any additional questions or wish to speak with us, we are just an email ( or phone call (613-728-9473) away.

Important Documents

All Cooperative Members are expected to be familiar with the documents below, and must sign off as having read, understood and agreeing to follow them on or before the first day of preschool.

Our Parent Handook will give you specific details on our programs and cooperative approach.


As we have a virtual open house this year, we’ve uploaded a few pictures so you can see the centre!  Please note that the pictures reflect our current COVID reality, with no mats on the floors.  In non-pandemic times, the classrooms are much more colourful!

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