About WVCP

The Westboro Village Cooperative Preschool was founded, more than 30 years ago, on the dual principal that children learn through play and that parental involvement is key to any child’s educational success.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Our program provides social, musical, physical, & linguistic play experience for each child’s individual developmental needs. WVCP is all about learning through play!  

Our Story

Westboro Village Cooperative Preschool is a non-profit Co-operative Preschool. It was founded more than 30 years ago on the dual principal that children learn through play and that parental involvement is key to any child’s educational success. Our goal is to provide children an optimal learning experience in a safe and caring setting. Our co-operative environment encourages children, parents and teachers to share ideas, socialize, make connections, and build community. Our program provides social, musical, physical, and linguistic play experiences for each child’s individual developmental needs.

Our Co-Op

Our co-operative environment encourages children, parents and teachers to share ideas, socialize, make connections, and build community.

How We Co-Operate

At the Westboro Village Cooperative Preschool, parent contribution is key to the school’s success.

Our warm and caring educational environment, as well as our reasonable tuition rates, are maintained by the support of our members.


Member parents can expect:

+ to have a duty day on average once every 6-8 weeks
+ to participate in fundraising
+ to be punctual in accordance with school schedules
+ to do an occasional (usually once per year) load of laundry
+ to participate by voting on amendment changes of the co-op bylaws
+ to attend the general meetings, three times yearly
+ to participate in one of several committees devoted to fundraising, publicity, maintenance of the school, and organizing annual concerns

In addition:

As a co-operative, our preschool welcomes the varied talents, skills, knowledge and experience of all members into our program. If you have a talent or resource that would be a benefit in the classroom, we encourage such contributions.

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

We employ professional teachers with a variety of different educational experiences, but, at the Westboro Village Co-operative Preschool, parents are an integral part of daily education, as well as the annual renewal of programs and facilities.

Our Teachers

Sabina Provorna

WVCP Director  

I started my journey as an educator over 10 years ago. First, by working in a licensed childcare setting with a variety of different age groups, then transitioning to the school board in the full-day
kindergarten program.

My professional experience...

My professional experience has allowed me to be well acquainted with, and understand the intricacies of working with children that have ASD, developmental or physical disabilities and those that may be learning English as a second language.
As an RECE and the centre Director, I am determined to foster a holistic environment that builds on children’s natural curiosity, ideas, abilities, and life experiences. I strongly believe that learning is most effective through inquiry, play and exploration, and that ongoing communication between educators and families is essential in building the foundation for life long learning.

Sarah Yates

WVCP Preschool Co-Educator

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Yates and I graduated in 2018 from St. Lawrence College – Kingston Campus in the Early Childhood Education program. I am thrilled to be a part of the WVCP family!

My goal as an educator...

My goal as a RECE is to provide a safe, positive, and inclusive environment for children to learn and grow. Every child is unique and different, and catering to each child’s individual needs is vital for their develpmental growth. I believe children can learn so much through play and exploration! My job as an educator is to provide those learning opportunities with plenty of open-ended materials and tools along with thought-provoking questions.

I believe bringing nature into the classroom is important. Where children can take the time to investigate and see parts of nature from a different perspective.

Respect for the children, families, educators and directors is vital. Everyone deserves to be treated equally, and open communication should always be available.

Taylor Cape

WVCP Preschool Co-Educator

My first introduction to education was in my own early education. I had the most amazing experiences and educators that I looked up to, and still, do. I have always wanted to become an educator and make an impact in children’s lives. I am an RECE. I studied in the early childhood education field at Algonquin college and most recently graduated with my ECE diploma.

Children are all unique individuals...

Children are all unique individuals. Not all children learn and think the same, but none the less, they all deserve equal opportunities and experiences. I believe as an educator it is important to teach children the way they learn, rather than expect children to learn the way I teach. When planning activities or exploration opportunities, I also plan alternative options to support each child’s personal expression and engagement.

In addition, I believe every program has at least three teachers, the educators, the environment and the children. An effective learning environment should be a place that children feel supported and welcomed. A place where children aren’t afraid to explore, express and learn. An effective environment supports children’s development and growth, in every aspect. As well, children are amazing teachers. We can learn so much from children. When we give children opportunities to lead, direct, guide and teach, they will surprise you. Inside every child is a competent, capable and curious learner, who is waiting for opportunities to share their experiences and knowledge. Crazy things happen when we give children platforms, and luckily for me, I build my students stages. 

Elvira McKee

WVCP Toddler Co-Educator

I received my teaching degree at the University of Miskolc in Hungary. After years of teaching grades 4-8, I came to the realization that my passion has always been teaching young children, and that early learning that focuses on exploration and play, is crucial to a child’s development, health and well-being.

I strongly believe...

I strongly believe that supportive and open-ended play is essential for children to express their imagination and curiosity. When children are given the freedom to explore and experiment, they are able to develop useful problem solving skills and the confidence needed to take appropriate risks. Music and Movement is the essence of my philosophy, and one that is incorporated in every aspect of my teaching. I am truly following my passion.

Katherine Kacew

WVCP Toddler Co-Educator

Since 2001 my career has been dedicated to early childhood education, specializing in the international Montessori method for young Casa children. I have owned my own Montessori school and worked for others large and small and through it all, I have always followed my passion for following the child and creating an environment that fosters the child’s independence’ and that, as Dr. Montessori also believed, we must ‘educate for peace… beginning with the child’. While not specifically trained in “special education” the Montessori pedagogy of teaching to the individual has always applied to children of all abilities.

Children are all unique individuals...

My many years and experiences in various schools around the Ottawa where I was responsible for communicating with children, parents, community and peers has given me a strong background in communications and fostered organizational leadership as well as intuitive interpersonal skills. Joining Ausome Ottawa as a founding co-Chair in 2016 provided new meaning and the privilege to work with amazing advocates, wonderful boards and passionate individuals working to make our world a better place. It also advocates another passion of mine – sports and fitness, with team interaction, movement and goal setting benefiting everyone.

Our 11 year old daughter was officially diagnosed with ASD in December 2018 – although we knew long before, it has by far been the hardest and most rewarding thing to happen to us so far – it changes the way you look at the world – in some ways she is teaching us, as she says ‘to see the world beautifully’. I have learned to advocate for her and others. I have found my voice and understand I have important views and contributions to make in helping other families living with disabilities. It taught me to appreciate the small steps because you never know which step will be the one to make a big difference!

Vanessa Gale 

WVCP Toddler Co-Educator

I have been part of WVCP since 2007, when I enrolled my first child in the toddler program. It was such a good experience that my other two children came too. Since my youngest graduated to kindergarten in 2014, I have been supply teaching at the school. My own background is wide-ranging. I have worked as a geologist and have cooked professionally. One of my favorite jobs was teaching cooking to kids. I also love dogs, gardening and playing hockey.

I strongly believe...

I feel lucky to be able to spend my time with the young students of the preschool. It’s wonderful to hear their fresh perspectives on life and I love that they remind me what it’s like to be a kid again. When I’m with the students, I like to strike a balance between having fun and learning. While I do love being silly and fun, I also take every opportunity to enhance the skills of the students. I like to focus on life skills, interpersonal skills, academics, emotional and physical literacy, all things needed to make for a successful transition to kindergarten.

For me, a successful day at preschool is one where students are happy and confident, show respect for each other, behave responsibly and learn something new. I feel that our job as preschool teachers is to foster a love of school that will continue to grow as the students move forward in their education.

What We Offer

The Westboro Village Cooperative Preschool facility is comprised of a spacious and well-equipped classroom for each of the Toddler and Preschool programs, as well as a large gymnasium. 


Learning through play… in our two spacious and well-equipped creativity rooms and our thoroughly resourced gymnasium, featuring a constantly renewed collection of supplies and learning tools, child-sized washroom facilities, as well as:

Music, Puzzles & Games, Arts & Crafts, Reading, Writing & Arithmetic, Science and Physical Play


Toddler AM - 9:15 - 12:30

Days Of The Week
+ Tuesday / Thursday
+ Monday / Wednesday / Friday
+ Full Week

9:15 am – 12:30 pm

Preschool AM - 9:15 - 12:30

Days Of The Week
+ Tuesday / Thursday
+ Monday / Wednesday / Friday
+ Full Week

9:15 am – 12:30 pm

Preschool Full Day 9:15 - 3pm

Days Of The Week
+ Tuesday / Thursday
+ Monday / Wednesday / Friday
+ Full Week

9:15 am – 3pm


 Registration is on-going throughout the year as spots become available.

Wait lists are maintained by the centre Director and Registrar.


What Our Families are Saying

“The teachers truly care about and love the children. I could think of no better place to give my kids a head start in life.”

“It was our first time enrolling our son in preschool so we were nervous at first but the teachers and coop board are so incredible that they soon made us feel comfortable. Our son is excited every morning about going to school. We are very thankful to have discovered Westboro Village Cooperative Preschool and its incredible staff. We highly recommend WVCP.”

“Our child has learned so much from the pre-school program. She started at WVCP at 2 years, now 4 we have seen amazing changes in her independence and confidence. She loves her pre-school teachers!”

“Flexible schedules and Amazing teachers, my girls love their little school!”

“I love the flexible schedule and the chance it gives my toddler to be independent, spend time with her peers and with other caring adults. Because it is a coop and there is parent involvement, I have been able to ask the teachers to program lessons and play based on what we are working on and interested at home.”