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ottawa, on K2A 1Z6

From L. & P., parents of the “THREES”:

WVCP has given our three year old the opportunity to learn through play in a warm, friendly atmosphere. It has also given us (parents) the opportunity to use our own strengths by participating at the school on a regular basis, whether it be on our assigned duty days, fund raising or serving on the Board of Directors. Not only is our child exposed to a wonderful classroom atmosphere, it has allowed us as parents to become active members in the community, and hopefully demonstrate the importance of volunteering and citizenship to our child.

From K. and B., parents of the “TWOS”:

As a parent, I really feel good about bringing my 2 year old son to such a friendly and welcoming environment where he can explore and learn through creative play and music. His language, communication, and motor skills have really developed while at the WVCP, and his interests have expanded to include new things. He is learning to play well with others, making new friends and having a lot of fun with (teachers) Sue-Ellen and Lise.

From S.W. and C.K. parents of the “THREES”:

Our son loves the WVCP, especially the Music program on Mondays.

From T.T. and S.M., parents of the “THREES”:

My son loves the WVCP’s “Three’s” program, he hasn't missed one day. The teachers are wonderful and motivating and the facility is great. I look forward to taking Robin in to school three days a week. He comes home and talks about all sorts of new and exciting things he has learned each day. Thanks!

From A.F. and D.B., parents of the “THREES”:

I really love the co-operative approach to the preschool as I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the children, parents, and teachers in a way that doesn’t always happen in other preschools. My son loves the activities, especially gym time. He has met some wonderful friends there. When I tuck him in bed at night and he knows that tomorrow is a “preschool day” he is always so excited!

From R.A. and J.B., parents of the “THREES”:

We are very happy with the program at WVCP.  It has been amazing to see how much our daughter has grown up.  When she “graduates” from the 3’s program she will definitely be ready for Kindergarten. I commend the Director of WVCP (Sue-Ellen Nevala).  Her enthusiasm and dedication are reflected in the happiness and satisfaction of the kids.  Ours certainly doesn’t want to miss a single day of preschool! The co-operative aspect of the preschool allows for a level of parental involvement that is often not available in other programs.  The result is the fostering of a community feel, where the parents share in the responsibility of the development of all of the children.  It is definitely a positive environment.

From K.G. and M.D., parents of the “TWOS”:

I would recommend WVCP!!  We have been part to WVCP for the last 3yrs. My oldest daughter "graduated" from  the 2s and 3s programs, and our youngest daughter is currently in the twos program.  WVCP has enabled both of them do develop many skills. We have developed great relationships with the other parents and continue to stay in touch even after our oldest has moved on. As a father of two I have enjoyed  "duty days" as it has enabled me to watch my children interact with other children, teachers and parents.

From A.B. and M.B., parents of the “THREES”:

The school is wonderful, the kids are super, the parents are great, my daughter loves it and so do I!

From S.M., parents of the “THREES”:

I am close to completing my second year as a WVCP parent and board member. My oldest son attended last year and received a wonderful foundation for his entrance into Kindergarten. My second child is currently in the newly created afternoon 3's program and it has exceeded my every expectation. He comes home singing new songs every week and his verbal and social skills have grown by leaps and bounds. As a board member I love the co-operation with the school and the other families that I've been witness to. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this program to any family and many thanks to the staff and other families for two great years.

From K.C., parents of the “THREES”:

I would highly recommend WVCP to any parent interested in high quality programming for their 2- and 3-year-olds. Our son looks forward to every preschool day and loves his teachers, Sue-Ellen, Lise and Nancy. The school environment is friendly, warm, energetic, educational and sensitive to the needs of each child. The music and French programs are particularly stimulating – our son brings home all kinds of new songs and words for us to learn!

From P.B. and P.C., parents of the “THREES”:

We have been members of the WVCP for almost 4 years now, and are extremely happy with the programming and care given to our kids. We currently have our daughter enrolled in the afternoon French program one day per week, and appreciate the flexibility of hours offered. The experience not only builds her independence and language skills, but also offers us some extra respite! Hooray to the teachers and parents of WVCP for making it such an excellent place to help grow a family.